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Hurricane Irene Collides with The State of Vermont!

Plimpton's Working on Route 100

Hurricane Irene Visits Vermont!

As the media has covered some of the devastation here in Vermont caused by Irene, whatI would like to shed more light onare all the local dedicated workers and equipment operators putting the roads and peoples lives back together and in a very timely fashion no doubt! I want to throw out a huge THANK-YOU to all the men and women who have been spending 14+ hour days repairing our infrastructure. So many bridges and main roads were thrashed by Irene; it was almost unimaginable that those roads would be passable again so soon! We all know there is still a lot to do, but Im very proud of what these crews have accomplished here in Vermont! Last week we had an appointment at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center with our youngest daughter, my husband and I found the travel up Interstate 91 shockingly easy! Although with a glance down off the highway every now and again the view was pure devastation. Then toward the end of the week I had to make my way to Brandon, Vermont. To my surprise with little effort and only two minor detours, I made my way to Brandon. Of course once I arrived, Brandon had some damage from Hurricane Irene as well. The local Pizza Place happened to be sitting on Route 7 in the north bound lane! Route 7 was being repaired in a few locations, but overall it fared well throughout the storm.

Plimpton's Working on Route 100

My final thoughts on Hurricane Irene are that we all need to be patient in the months and even years to come. We all know that the brutal damage sustained here in Vermont from Hurricane Irene will be fixed eventually but cant be done overnight! We all need to hold it together and not let tempers fly when you might be finding it difficult to get from place to place. Detours may become the main routes for many months to come, but look at these detours as a chance to explore new territory here in Vermont, after all, it is and always will be a beautiful State!

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