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Craig & Amy
My husband and I cannot say enough about Julie. She ran the extra mile and then some! She is honest, has an energetic spirit and easy to work with. Being this was a purchase for a second home and we lived out of state, Julie helped out with being onsite for inspections when we were not able to be there. If we had not ended up with her as our agent, I don't know if we would be in our cabin now. She did the work of an entire team to work through negotiations and get us through, what turned out to be, quite a roller coaster ride with the seller. We are happy to be in our new home and to have her as our agent and friend now!

Ryan and Kara
Julie Lowe was the best real estate agent that we worked with when we were searching for our home. We met with many real estate agents around New England, and a common problem I felt was most agents were more interested in selling me a property (even if it didn't match any of our needs), than actually listening to what we were looking for and then being able to find a property that fit. Julie listened very well to us and was able to understand how to best serve us. Our home sale was very unique, and I have no doubt in my mind that the sale would not have went through with any other agent. Julie had quite an amazing diversity of skills that came in to play so that we could buy our home. Julie made this process very easy for us (and fun!), and as first-time, young home buyers we are unbelievably grateful for Julie's services. I would recommend Julie to anyone who is seeking a real estate agent. She is a great communicator, very professional, thorough, clear, and never stops working for you. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Julie. You would be lucky to have her work for you.

Chris and Eileen
Julie was great to work with. We called her one day from out of state and told her what we were looking for. A few days later she was showing us around. She is very knowledgeable and knows the area very well.

Jeff and Mary
After having worked with two other agencies in an effort to sell our out of state home, we decided to take our place off the market for the spring/summer, thinking we'd have a better opportunity to attract a buyer come fall. Upon being contacted by Julie and her pleasant demeanor, we decided to give her a shot and listed with her. She was confident she'd find a buyer and quickly set the wheels in motion. Less than eight (8) weeks later, in a very depressed housing market due to rough economic times, Julie had indeed found a buyer.

Her value as our agent really increased when it came time for inspections etc., as we lived out of state. Julie was there at every step to represent us and to protect our interest. She was extremely connected in the area and was thoroughly knowledgeable about what particular repairs should cost, who the best contractor(s) would be and what you should expect to have to pay. This information assisted us in making prompt and educated decisions in the negotiation phase.

Julie was always available to assist us when needed and followed through on all matters in a very reasonable timeframe and with the most positive attitude. It was our pleasure to have worked with her and we would highly recommend her.


Mitchell & Kristian

Julie is the best! She understood what we were looking for and made the best use of our time. As we are transitioning to Vermont, she also served as a great friend and source of local information making the whole process much easier than it otherwise might have been. My advice is that if you're looking for property in Vermont, call Julie first!


Tanya & Ted

I contacted Julie through Zillow, she was one of the random agents that came up for me to choose from---now I feel like she is family. She won us over with forthrightness, telling it like it is, having super helpful contacts, being in touch easily, being fun to talk to, being really patient while we figure it all out (it's our first home purchase so we are taking it slooooow) and we are now using her as our buyer's agent for the whole process (and other areas than the one we were initially looking at). We feel totally lucky to have her.


Chris & Maria
This lady works hard. I showed up for our appointment on a motorcycle a day after reaching out and saying I wanted to look at houses. Julie took me seriously and drove me and a buddy around for a couple of hours. We saw 8-10 houses that all fell withing my basic requirements and price range. I liked a house I knew my wife would like too right in the middle of my budget, made an offer and with a little back and forth via Julie had a contract within a week. That was the easy part.

Julie jumped on the home inspection and met me with my wife at the house for the inspection. Julie checked on the necessary repairs and remediation work the seller conceded to perform. Then in the middle of all this came Irene and Vermont took a nasty hit with flooding and washed out roads. Two days later we got a call from Julie that she sent someone to check the house and it was high and dry. Next came the banks - not much anyone could do there, but Julie got involved and we closed the deal on the original date we all set.

I've bought 6 houses in the last 28 years and sold 4 of them, brokers on both sides of every transaction - different markets - all north east transactions. Julie was the hardest working broker with the most helpful attitude I ever worked with. If she had not been involved, I don't think this deal would have ever closed. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Mike & Kathy

Working with Julie has been a pleasure, she is very helpful and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.


Charles & Mary Jeanne

With great enthusiam, Julie skillfully guided us through the process of purchasing our new home in New Hampshire. She was not put off by our pickiness nor by our year-long interrupted search. Julie was always available, answering our phone calls and emails immediately.

Julie demonstrated a great knowledge of construction, with an understanding of the difference between structural and cosmetic problems. Whenever something arose about which she had some question, she would research it and get back to us immediately, frequently providing us with a selection of professional resources.

Julie has a good knowledge of the area and available properties which was especially helpful to us as we lived several states away. She previewed properties to ensure they met our criteria so that each visit would be productive.

It was a joy to work with Julie and we now consider her to be a family friend.

Christopher & Jenica

Julie is driven, energetic, and dedicated to her clients. This was our first home purchase, to make matters even more complicated we were living on the west coast at the time, and Julie did an amazing job in helping us through the process and keeping us informed of all the little steps along the way. I couldn't recommend her more!

Cara & Aubrey

I can't say enough good things about our experience working with Julie! From our very first conversation I could tell that she genuinely cared about us a people and what we were looking for in our first home. I knew that I could trust Julie to find us the house that was right for us, and not just focus on closing.

Julie's enjoyment in working with people is apparent, and it's how she gets the impossible done. She literally knows everyone in the area and has a long list of great people to provide services for your home.

Julie makes sure to be available to her clients. She returns calls and e-mails promptly and follows through with any questions you might have. Julie gives straight and honest answers to your questions and if there is something she doesn't know she'll make sure to find out for you. Julie went above and beyond our expectations of a realtor. I'm excited about this new chapter in our lives and look forward to keeping Julie in it. The best thing you can do for yourself when buying your next home, is to have Julie on your side looking for the perfect match!


Julie has been great to work with; brought an impressive number of buyers through my house, responded to phone calls and emails promptly, and closed the sale on time. Not only that, she hangs out the most awesome, eye-catching "For Sale" sign in New England. I highly recommend Julie Lowe.

Terry & Julie

Julie Lowe sold our home in four days! Her advice in preparing our home for the market and encouragement along the way made selling our home easy in a rocky real estate market.

While we did experience a challenging closing, Julie Lowe did an excellent job keeping us up to date and informed along the way. Doing everything she could to push the system along.

We have and will continue to recommend Julie and her staff to others who are buying or selling.


Julie did an outstanding job. The property I owned was in Vt. and I live in Ct. She handled everything. Kept me informed and took care of any problems that arose. Her service was above and beyond what I expected.

Jamshid & Nazly

I have owned properties in other states, however not in Vermont. I was in the market to purchase a second home in Vermont. I hired Julie to represent me as a buyer’s agent. She was extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market. She helped me in navigating Vermont real estate laws. Additionally, she was instrumental in hiring other professionals such as a home inspector, water tester and a contractor to provide estimates. The house we ultimately purchased needed numerous repairs and the use of a professional contractor’s quotes was very helpful in negotiation. Julie found and brought contractors on site very promptly. All in all she was always helpful with her suggestions and I am not sure we would have been able to purchase our home without her help. She is one of the best realtors I have ever worked with. Even after the closing she has helped us find contractors and other services as needed. If you are in the market to purchase a property I highly recommend contacting Julie and Lowe’s Real Estate. You will not be sorry.

Michael & Judith

Our house had been on the market for 5 years prior to our signing with Lowe's Real Estate. The previous agency had originally sold us our home 22 years ago and when time to sell came around we listed it with them, though the original agent who sold us the house had retired. This agency did not have our best interest in mind, nor did they understand our needs.

We were introduced to Julie Lowe through a mutual friend, and after one phone call with her we felt secure in handing our listing over to her. In the 9 months she had our listing she showed our house more times than the other agent showed it in several years. She found us a buyer and stuck with us through some challenging inspection issues, and went out of her way to find us resources to solve these issues.

In short, Julie stands by and works hard for her clients, takes a very personal interest in their needs, and keeps you well informed.



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